Known issues with Anki 2.0

No longer supported

No further updates to Anki 2.0 are expected, as the toolkit it was built on has been discontinued. To minimize the risk of bugs and security issues, please consider upgrading to Anki 2.1.

Errors when starting

If you receive the error "The application has failed to start because the configuration is incorrect", please install

Wifi issues on Windows

Previous versions of Anki on Windows could cause delays when using wifi, due to an issue in the toolkit. If upgrading from a previous version, please uninstall Anki before installing 2.0.51 or 2.0.52. If you updated without uninstalling, please uninstall Anki, then install it again.

Thai text

The toolkit Anki 2.0 uses becomes very slow when you use Thai text. The alternate installer available on the download site uses a different toolkit version which does not suffer from this problem.

Windows XP support

Please use the alternate installer on the website if you are still using Windows XP.


If you experience crashes, please try the alternate installer.