Known issues with Anki 2.1

Hardware acceleration

The Windows and Linux builds default to software rendering, due to issues with hardware acceleration on some computers. If you have a modern system you can optionally enable hardware acceleration, which may result in a performance improvement.

To force hardware acceleration on Windows, run cmd.exe and type the following:

echo auto > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver

Available options are auto, angle, and the default software. Once you’ve run the command, Anki will use the setting the next time you start it.

On Linux, in a terminal:

echo auto > ~/.local/share/Anki2/gldriver

Available options are auto or the default software. Once you’ve run the command, Anki will use the setting the next time you start it.

Cmd+left/right on macOS

The toolkit Anki uses does not currently support these keystrokes when editing cards. Fn+left/right does work instead. You can also use a third party tool like BetterTouchTool or Karabiner to intercept the cmd+left/right keystroke when you type it into Anki, and have it automatically be rewritten to use the function key instead.

Fcitx on Linux

Currently the Fcitx input method is not supported by the packaged version of Anki. A possible workaround is posted on the support site - please give it a try and report your experiences there.

Text size

If you find the text is the wrong size, there are two environmental variables you can try:

  • ANKI_NOHIGHDPI=1 will turn off some of Qt’s high dpi support

  • ANKI_WEBSCALE=1 will alter the scale of Anki’s web views (like the deck list, study screen, etc), while leaving interface elements like the menu bar alone. Replace 1 with the desired scale, such as 1.5 or 2.

Please see the above section for how to set environmental variables.

SSL errors

Some work and school networks intercept your internet traffic, and this can cause errors when syncing and downloading add-ons. You can prevent the errors from occurring by setting the environmental variable "ANKI_NOVERIFYSSL" to "1".

When you enable this option, you are telling Anki not to verify that it is actually talking with AnkiWeb. This means that not only your work or school, but also a bad actor on the local network may be able to intercept your syncing traffic.