Anki 2.1 Beta


At a glance

  • Uses the same scheduling, syncing and file format as Anki 2.0.x, so you can upgrade and downgrade at will.

  • Upgraded to the latest support libraries (Python 3, Qt 5.9), bringing fixes for crashes, better handling of high resolution displays, non-Latin text, and the latest web standards.

  • Requires a modern system - Windows 7+, OSX 10.10+, or a Linux distro from around 2014+.

  • Add-ons will need to be updated to work with 2.1.


You can be fairly confident the beta will not eat your data. 2.1 has been in alpha status for the last year as we waited for toolkit issues to be resolved, and we have not had any reports of data loss during that time. It’s still a good idea to make backups however - please use File>Export to export all decks with scheduling and media included before you upgrade, and consider doing it periodically after upgrading as well.


Most add-ons will need to be updated before they’ll work with Anki 2.1. When you install 2.1, it will create a separate folder for add-ons, and not import any existing ones you have installed.

If you’re an add-on author, you can read more about the required changes on

Video drivers

If you run into crashes or black screens, your video drivers (such as nouveau) may be to blame. On Linux, please try start the beta with the following:


On Windows, please try opening cmd.exe, and typing the following

cd ""\program files (x86)\anki"
set QT_OPENGL=angle bin/anki

If that doesn’t help, replace angle with software and try again.

Users on a 32 bit Windows install will need to use "program files" instead of "program files (x86)".

Scaling issues

If you find the text is the wrong size or parts of the interface are clipped off, there are two environmental variables you can try:

  • ANKI_NOHIGHDPI=1 will turn off some of Qt’s high dpi support

  • ANKI_WEBSCALE=1 will alter the scale of Anki’s web views (like the deck list, study screen, etc), while leaving interface elements like the menu bar alone. Replace 1 with the desired scale, such as 1.5 or 2.

Please see the above section for how to set environmental variables.

If you find you need either of these environmental variables, please report on the beta testing site below.


If you run into any issues, please let us know on the beta testing section of our support site:


You can get the latest beta from

Use .exe for Windows, .dmg for Mac, and .bz2 for Linux.

Detailed changes

Changes in beta 36

  • Show average answer time in today stats.

  • Raise profile window when it appears on MacOS.

  • Fix "find duplicates" window scrolling to top when link clicked.

  • Catch more problems with corrupt collections.

  • Check the shift key when paste begins, not after images have been fetched.

  • Skip progress window when pasting local links.

  • Fix importing of colpkg files made with experimental scheduler.

Changes in beta 35

  • Updates to the experimental scheduler.

  • Fix for not being able to drop some items into Anki fields.

Changes in beta 34

  • Fixed error when unburying.

  • Preserve newlines when pasting text.

  • Fix field searches with _ character.

  • Preserve ordered lists when pasting.

Changes in beta 33

  • Fix preferences screen failing to load.

  • Fix for the experimental scheduler.

Changes in beta 32

  • Fix audio issues on Windows.

  • Be tolerant of invalid characters stored in notes by previous Anki versions.

  • Updates for the experimental scheduler. If you’re testing the experimental scheduler, please disable it prior to upgrading, and enable it again after upgrading.

Changes in beta 31

This build contains experimental scheduling changes that are not enabled by default. For more information, please see

  • The Windows build has been switched back to mplayer, due to current issues with the mpv code.

  • The Windows installer now installs the desktop and start menu shortcuts for all users.

  • Change the way the progress dialog is implemented, which should fix some issues. Please report any regressions.

  • Tweak reviewer margins.

  • Fix CSV import error (thanks to Carl)

  • Make it easier for add-ons to override review context menu (thanks to dubiousjim)

Changes in beta 30

See beta 31.

Changes in beta 29

  • Fix a packaging bug that was breaking the filtered deck screen.

  • Fix sound references with ampersands (thanks to Artem)

  • Use fixed margins in review screen instead of being dependent on font size.

Changes in beta 28

  • Added a right-click context menu to the browser card list.

  • Work around pops in the start of audio recordings.

  • Add the ability to disable certificate verification via add-on.

  • Add an option for add-ons to add buttons to the editor that are always active.

  • Refuse to run on Qt 5.10, due to current issues.

  • The cloze note type now defaults to an easier to see colour in night mode.

Changes in beta 27

  • Added an option to switch cards to white on black text in the preferences screen. To customize, see

  • Prevents shortcuts in the editor from triggering an error when no field selected.

  • Play any audio on the question as well when show both sides enabled in preview window.

  • Fix the focus being lost when add-ons like Japanese Support change field contents.

  • Force text to wrap instead of showing a scroll bar.

  • Added Catalan translation (thanks to Guillem), and other translation updates thanks to other contributors.

Changes in beta 26

  • Added some environmental variables to control UI scaling - they are documented above.

  • Faster syncs when you have a lot of media and no media changes were made since the last sync.

  • Allow importing of files from recent Mnemosyne versions.

  • A translations fix (thanks to Piotr, and all the other people who have been contributing translations).

Changes in beta 25

This release ensures that when pasting remote image links, they will be converted into local images even if the link doesn’t end with a recognizable extension.

If a search for http in your collection reveals remote images, you can use to turn them into local images.


  • Catch errors when pasting, and time out after 30 seconds.

  • Fix errors after deleting a deck with a subdeck that was the default deck.

  • Fix an error when pasting images that had previously been downloaded.

Changes in beta 24

  • Fix stuttering when more than one audio file on a card on Windows.

  • Fix broken image links when pasting between fields.

  • Don’t import styling changes if the local note type has been modified more recently.

  • Fix errors when pressing keys quickly after a sync started.

  • Fix startup crashes on some Linux distros.

Changes in beta 23

  • Fix field contents not persisting when dragging media files onto field.

Changes in beta 22

  • Fix hang when copying and pasting between fields.

  • Strip excess whitespace when pasting external content, which was breaking cloze deletions.

Changes in beta 21

Pasting now strips more by default, such as links, headers and tables. Holding down the shift key while pasting will reduce the level of filtering.


  • Pasting a link to an image or sound hosted on a HTTPS website should no longer fail.

  • Fix the question audio replaying when answer shown.

  • Make sure the interface is disabled while progress/sync bar displayed.

  • Fix error when undoing then immediately hitting enter on a type answer card.

  • Fix missing styling when answer revealed too quickly.

  • Fix shift+tab in the editor on macOS.

  • Filter out background and font style when pasting between fields.

  • Don’t leave a .wav file around when recording.

  • Drop support for experimental new style whitespace handling.

  • Fix inability to paste link to .aspx file.

  • Fix media check not detecting media references in cloze deletions.

  • Ctrl+d can be used in the tag selector of custom study to deselect all tags.

  • Fix link to _anki.png in template not working.

Changes in beta 20

  • Probable fix for intermittent startup error on Windows.

  • Fix not responding process on macOS.

  • Don’t capture media keys.

Changes in beta 19

Built with the recently released Qt 5.9.2. Please report any improvements or regressions.

Changes in beta 18

  • If mpv is unavailable or too old, use mplayer instead.

  • Remove "unexpected DPI" message and --lodpi option; tweak handling of scaling.

  • Don’t show album artwork when playing audio.

  • Increase the default number of backups, and stop sending them to the recycling bin.

  • Show field numbers in the Fields dialog.

Changes in beta 17

This release experiments with a switch from the old "mplayer" program to "mpv", which is a newer program based on mplayer. mpv is bundled in the Windows and Mac builds - Linux users will need to ensure it is available on the system. The change will hopefully address issues people had with audio being cut off or not playing properly. Please report any improvements and any regressions.


  • Added --lodpi argument in an attempt to address wrong clickboxes for some people on Windows. If Anki suggests you use it, please right click on the Anki icon and add --lodpi to the command line, then start Anki again. Please report if it fixes or does not fix the problems.

  • Another fix for MathJax+cloze deletion.

  • Ignore math environments outside of MathJax tags.

  • Fix a problem starting Anki on systems with non-Latin hostnames.

  • Add shortcuts to the advanced menu in the editor.

  • Fix text:Field not stripping HTML if it was split over multiple lines.

  • Fix filenames not being normalized when importing.

Changes in beta 16

MathJax display environments now need to start with \[ and end with \], instead of using $$. Shortcut keys have been added to the editor to make using these easier, but existing MathJax cards will need to be updated unfortunately.

Backups and collection exports now use a separate .colpkg file extension, which allows translating of their titles and allow multiple collection exports to be stored in one folder. The other clients will be updated to understand these extensions in the future; for now if you need to interact with them, you can rename the file.


  • Fixed backups not being made correctly on some systems.

  • Fixed old backups not expiring. Anki will only look for .colpkg files now, so you will need to manually remove your old .apkg backups.

  • Collection exporting and saving graphs to PDF now lets you choose the target folder, and the default folder is now the documents folder instead of the desktop.

  • Fix the preferences screen loading slowly, opening multiple times, and not closing when the collection is closed.

  • Fix preview window not closing on collection close.

  • Fix inability to preview the answer of the last card.

  • Cloze deletions should now properly remove highlighting only when in a MathJax environment.

  • Add-ons now have a persistent user_files folder - please see the add-on docs.

  • Tweak margins in deck options.

  • Fix searches for decks with parens in the name.

  • Fix Anki interface displaying incorrectly when Windows has an incorrect mime type for css files.

  • Tweaks to the text displayed when an error occurs.

  • The "oldest seen first" option in filtered decks now sorts based on last review instead of card modification time.

  • The prepareQuestion/prepareAnswer hooks have been merged into prepareQA - please see the add-on docs.

  • Don’t force audio format on Windows - please let me know if you encounter regressions playing audio.

  • Clicking on a note type in the browser now searches with the name instead of the note type ID.

  • Refuse to run when locale configured incorrectly on Linux.

  • Fix remaining issues with formatting being lost when cutting and copying between fields.

  • Remove the trailing <br> when saving a field.

  • Fixed translations in dialog buttons.

Changes in beta 15

  • Look for changed media files when syncing, even if no files have been added or removed. If you have many media files and notice a slowdown when syncing, please let me know.

  • A fix for the UI sometimes loading improperly.

  • Various improvements to the tag completion area (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Hotkey for "show both sides" in preview window (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Fix margins in preferences screen.

  • Some fixes for the add-on configuration code.

  • Don’t strip formatting when pasting from one field in Anki to another.

  • Check Media now catches invalid filenames on Linux systems.

  • Fix toggling of suspend etc when multiple cards selected.

Changes in beta 14

Added a simple configuration mechanism for add-ons, intended for use when users would have previously had to edit an add-on’s source code. Configuration is not lost when add-ons are updated. For more info, please see


  • Option for showing both sides in preview screen.

  • When a user starts Anki 2.1 for the first time, it will now import the profile data from Anki 2.0.

  • Add JS hooks to the reviewer for doing things like automatic scrolling at the right time:

  • Fix scrollbar appearing at certain DPI scales.

  • Fix clear flag shortcut.

  • Add collection and current deck to the sidebar.

  • Add recording icon back to record window.

  • Warn about subfolders in media check.

Changes in beta 13

Add-on authors can now upload separate files to AnkiWeb for 2.0 and 2.1 support, and Anki 2.1 will automatically list and download the 2.1 versions.

The add-on menu has been moved into a separate dialog, which supports:

  • checking for and downloading updates

  • deleting and disabling multiple add-ons at once

  • viewing an add-on’s page

Add-ons are now always stored in a single folder, and need to be uploaded as a .zip - please see the updated docs for more information:


  • Helper routines in editor to make porting add-ons easier (thanks to Glutanimate)

  • Catch errors when card templates contain invalid HTML (thanks to Alicia)

  • Fix translations and shortcuts on editor buttons.

  • Revert the undo shortcut change in the previous beta.

  • The Check Media function can now fix a corrupt media database.

  • Remember export folder location.

  • Make sure debug console and tooltips closed when closing profile.

  • A fix for Anki failing to start on some Windows machines.

Changes in beta 12

Fixes an issue that could allow a specially crafted .apkg file to write files outside the media folder during import. AnkiWeb shared decks were not affected, but upgrading is strongly recommended if you import .apkg files from third party sources. A big thanks to David Bailey for discovering this issue. 2.0.47 is also available with this fix.


  • Rewrote parts of the collection opening/closing code and window closing code, which should ensure the collection isn’t closed until windows have a chance to clean up.

  • The profile manager now has a button to restore a profile to an automatic backup, which will take care of clearing out a corrupt collection and make sure backups are not rotated when restoring.

  • Added an optional sidebar to the browse screen; toggle via the Filter button.

  • Icon tweaks.

  • Ctrl+1-9 can be used to jump to the first 9 card templates in the card layout screen.

  • Add a default note type for typing in the answer.

  • Backups now include the date in the filename.

  • Backups are sent to the trash instead of being deleted outright.

  • Fix decks being moved to the default deck when dragged to the bottom (thanks to David Bailey)

  • Fixed some issues with field contents being updated with the wrong content.

  • Better support for DPI scales that are not multiples of 100% on Windows.

  • The Filter button now uses more obvious titles when splitting menus into submenus, and will split the decks and note type lists if necessary as well.

  • Tweak some shortcuts.

  • Better error when internet offline.

  • Drop support for profile passwords.

  • Fix shift+tab in the editor on Windows/Linux.

  • Restored support for the marked tag.

Changes in beta 11

  • Simplify the browser window:

    • Items in the top toolbar have been moved into the menu bar.

    • The sidebar has been replaced with a dropdown menu.

  • Remove mark action in favour of flags:

    • Flags are set on individual cards rather than the whole note.

    • A card can be set to one of four different coloured flags.

    • The reviewer and browser will show and set flags.

    • Other clients will need to be updated to display and set flags, but flagged cards should keep their flags when synced to older clients.

  • Limit the length of the card layout summary, and remove the ordinals.

  • Fix clozes in brackets losing formatting.

  • Restore maximize button in edit window.

  • Disable rather than hide the card type list in cloze note types.

  • Remove icons from a few screens.

  • Bundle a new mplayer on OSX which works on older CPUs.

Changes in beta 10

  • Improve the MathJax rendering speed, which was making the fade out/in animations slower than they should have been.

  • Revert the "answer on top" experiment and remove the delay when revealing the answer side.

  • Delays can be customized via the qFade/aFade variables in Javascript - set to 0 to disable.

  • Added the ability to override JS/CSS over all note types, so you can do things like customize the fade duration globally. More info:

  • Hide sound tags in preview screen.

  • Make sure exporting doesn’t try to export subfolders.

  • Fix operations like suspend not working correctly when multiple cards selected.

  • Remove border on bottom area.

  • Better support for high resolution displays on Windows.

  • Fix the toolbar in the browser not resizing to fit.

  • Display used fields in card type list.

  • Fix the focus not returning to the front field when adding cards.

  • Fix an issue that was preventing some styling in card templates from overriding the defaults.

Changes in beta 9

  • Update the card layout screen to use a dropdown instead of tabs, and render the preview more efficiently.

  • The card layout and preview window in the browser now render cards the same way as the review screen.

  • Fix a bug that was preventing Anki from shutting down properly on Windows.

  • Fix a bug that was causing images not to show if the media server port was in use.

  • Support make install/uninstall on Linux.

  • Make the down key do the right thing when browser window opened.

  • Make it easier for add-ons to override shortcuts for a specific state.

Changes in beta 8

Experiment with showing the question below the answer, which makes the fade out/in step more natural, and means the answer will always appear in the same place. Please let me know if you like it or hate it. Will only work if your back template starts with {{FrontSide}} <hr id=answer>.


  • Fixed "shortcut key" getting duplicated (thanks to David).

  • Fixed pasting of files with a hash in the filename (thanks to David).

  • Fixed some errors caused by closing a window before it had a chance to initialize (based on a patch by David).

  • Fixed autoplay on the answer side.

  • Fixed some issues with screens getting stuck when closing the browser window, etc.

  • Possible fix for Anki failing to run on some Windows machines.

Changes in beta 7

  • Removed the preloading code from the previous beta, as it was causing a number of problems.

  • Added a transition when revealing the answer - necessary now that we’re not preloading the answer.

  • Fix the type in the answer function.

  • Reworked the focus handling in the editor, which fixes a bug that could cause the first field to be overwritten when navigating via the preview screen.

  • Fixed a similar bug triggered by dropping text onto Anki when another window had focus.

  • Fix gifs failing to display.

  • The mhchem module is now bundled and enabled by default, so you can typeset chemical equations:

  • Work around MathJax failing to display when part of it is cloze deleted.

  • Possible fix for Anki failing to exit properly.

  • Fix field content appearing under the editor buttons.

  • Fix some encoding errors when generating LaTeX and showing JS errors.

  • Change the add/del tags shortcuts so they don’t conflict with the jump to tags function.

  • Prevent some errors when holding down navigation keys/navigating too quickly.

  • Fix some issues that were preventing the Linux build from working for some users.

Changes in beta 6

Linux users: there are two Linux builds for this release. The "normal" build should now work on Ubuntu 14.04 and similar distributions, and should be fine for more modern distributions too. If you encounter a problem with the normal build, please try the alternate one, and let us know that the normal one is not working for you.

Other changes:

  • Add a fade out/fade in transition between cards when reviewing, which minimises pop-in for cards using images and MathJax.

  • Render the answer at the same time as the question so it can be revealed instantly.

  • Fix a bug that was overriding the font of some columns in the browser when they shouldn’t be overridden.

  • Add the ability to turn off font overriding in the "browser appearance" screen.

  • Fix \n appearing when hitting enter in new whitespace mode.

  • Fix translations not working on a Mac.

  • Fix the upload/download dialog not working in KDE on Linux.

Changes in beta 5

  • Experimental MathJax support for writing equations without LaTeX - try something like the following on a card. Equations will pop in, as they are rendered after the card is shown. The next AnkiMobile beta will support MathJax; the other clients will need to be updated.


  • LaTeX can now be rendered as a .svg file instead of a .png file, which can be scaled to arbitrary sizes without losing quality. You’ll need to have dvisvgm installed, and can then enable it via Tools>Manage Note Types>Options. The next AnkiMobile beta will support .svgs; the other clients will need to be updated.

  • Fix IBus input method not working on Linux.

  • Fix superscript shortcut key.

  • Both reviewer and browser use ctrl+delete as shortcut for deleting the current/selected card now.

  • Fix crash when syncing on Windows.

  • Improve display of cloze and LaTeX tags when field is in RTL mode.

  • Work around ampersands appearing in deck names when running in KDE.

Changes in beta 4

  • yet more fixes for Anki failing to start on some Linux distros

  • fixed errors that could happen when add-on authors wrapped an Anki function (thanks to dequis)

  • make it easier for add-ons to extend bottom buttons (thanks to Dmitry)

  • don’t load iframe content in a separate browser window

  • remove the change in beta 3 that was leading to lots of non-breaking spaces in pasted text

This beta also introduces experimental support for alternative whitespace handling. When enabled for a note type via Tools>Manage Note Types>Options, the editor and reviewer will wrap your HTML content in a pre-wrap whitespace environment. What this means is that instead of using <div> and &nbsp; tags/entities to denote newlines and indents, normal newline and space characters will be used. Things to note:

  • This is experimental at the moment, and may go away if major issues are discovered. For now, please consider it something to play around with rather than something to rely on.

  • The mobile clients do not currently support the option, though you may be able to get cards to display the same way when reviewing on mobile by adding white-space: pre-wrap to your card styling in your template.

  • When pasting HTML into a field, Anki will try to convert the divs and non-breaking spaces to more readable whitespace equivalents.

  • Existing notes may display differently with the option enabled, because whitespace is now respected. For example, the following on a card template:


will include two newlines between the fields, because of the newline after the BR. To get the card to display as before, remove the <br> tag.

If your note contain manually edited HTML or HTML pasted from other websites, they may also show differently because of the whitespace inside them.

Any feedback on what works and what does not would be appreciated.

Changes in beta 3

  • more fixes for Anki failing to start on some Linux distros

  • fix an issue with the HTML editoring adding br tags on Windows

  • paste non-media URLs as text instead of ignoring them

  • preserve indents and newlines when pasting text

Changes in beta 2

  • fix the Anki data being stored in the wrong location on Windows

  • upgraded Python and Qt for the Linux build, and fixed various issues with Anki failing to start on recent Linux distros

  • show a more helpful error message when attempting to install on a Windows or Mac platform that is too old

  • clearer error message when firewall is blocking Anki

  • clean up WebEngine processes more quickly after windows are closed

Changes in beta 1

  • pulled in the latest translations

  • add cancel button to recording window

  • move stats and sync buttons to center of window

  • switch undo shortcut to work around conflicts with WebEngine

  • disable pinch to zoom gesture

  • fix spurious error code when exiting

  • fix browse add-ons command failing on Linux

Changes in alpha 15

  • Fix for space/enter/etc being interpreted twice

  • Tweaks to reduce flicker as windows are displayed

  • Use the system background colour for the toolbar areas

  • Ensure only one copy of deck stats is shown, and make sure it’s closed when the profile is unloaded

  • Fix esc key in type answer field

  • Fix deck expanded state getting reset when editing

Changes in alpha 14

  • Upgrade to the recently released Qt 5.9, and drop support for older versions

  • The issue with menu shortcuts conflicting with text input boxes should be gone now - this was one issue that holding up a move to beta status.

  • Windows 7+, Mac 10.10+, or Linux ~2016+ now required.

  • Fix a error when importing from Mnemosyne (thanks to Luke)

  • Fix a broken lots of decks message

  • Fix an issue running mplayer on modern Linux distros

  • Fix window size not being saved in some cases (thanks to Dmitry)

  • Fix an error when closing the main window while the browser is open

Changes in alpha 13

  • Upgrade to Python 3.6 on Windows, which should hopefully provide us with more info about the cause of crashes. If you experience any crashes, please paste the output of your crash.log from the Anki folder, or attach it in a private ticket (

  • Fix for the browser getting stuck open when syncing, leading to error messages

  • Improvements to the next/prev buttons in the previewer (thanks to Glutanimate)

  • Preserve tag field focus when switching cards (thanks to Glutanimate)

  • Remove some debugging code from the browser that could cause issues/slowdowns

  • Tweak to history display in add screen (thanks to Henrik)

Changes in alpha 12

  • Fix an error when previewing

  • Support wildcards in tag deletion (thanks to luoliyan)

  • Support \ to escape wildcard characters in tag search (thanks to luoliyan)

Changes in alpha 11

  • The Windows and Linux builds will move your Anki data to a new location the first time they are run. If you’d like to switch between the alphas and the stable release, please make sure you also upgrade to the latest stable release (2.0.43) which uses the same folder locations. More info:

  • The Windows build will display a console window when Anki is opened, to help debug problems some users are having starting the app.

  • Show error on invalid search instead of just returning no matches

  • Fix an error when closing the collection on bleeding edge Linux distros

  • $ANKI_BASE env var can now be used to control base folder

  • Convert all unicode in the add cards screen and importer to a standard format, to prevent issues with tag/field searches not working.

  • Add temporary instrumentation to the browse screen to detect some issues - please report if you get any errors. Also fixed a possible cause of a crash.

  • Fix errors occurring when Anki is closed with windows like the browser still open.

  • Fix embedded fonts not working.

  • Refuse to run on Qt5.8.0, which has some major issues.

  • Allow wildcard tag deletion (thanks to luoliyan)

  • Don’t add tags when deleting (thanks to luoliyan)

  • Add-on downloader now accepts multiple IDs (thanks to Dmitry)

  • Improvements to the custom study increase new/rev area (thanks to Simone)

  • Tweaks to the history button in the add screen (thanks to Henrik)

  • Show a better error if user inputs an invalid CSV delimiter (thanks to luoliyan)

  • Fix a rare bug that could cause invalid notes to be added (thanks to Glutanimate)

  • Fix typo (thanks to Andi)

Changes in alpha 10

  • shave a second or two off sync in some circumstances

  • fix progress window getting stuck on Ubuntu 16.10

  • fix unicode errors appearing when pasting non-latin text

  • update anki.desktop (thanks to Julian)

Changes in alpha 9

  • syncs are now cancellable

  • embedded fonts are now usable on macOS again

  • fix the bottom bar disappearing after edits

  • don’t force XP mode on Windows, so things like the menubar will now use the modern colour prevent the backspace key from going back a page and breaking things

  • fix for make install in the source release

  • helpers for addons creating buttons in the editor (thanks to Simone)

  • fix for latest sqlite versions (thanks to dequis)

Changes in alpha 8

  • Graphs can now be exported to PDF

  • Fix issues inputting languages like Chinese in the card layout window.

  • Possible fix for some crashes

  • Fixed Anki segfaulting on startup on some modern Linux distros

  • The Mac build should now work on 10.8+

  • Mac build now stores files in Library/Application Support like 2.0.37+.

  • Tweak the cards/fields button positions

  • Remove mention of the Del button shortcut in the More menu

  • The history button in the add screen now reflect subsequent edits (thanks to David)

  • When syncing a collection with no local cards, explain why Anki wants to download.

  • Fixes for Python 3.6

Changes in alpha 7

  • Fix a serious bug in media syncing that would upload invalid data. If you synced with previous versions, please see…;

  • Syncing now shows progress again, and uses a different underlying request library

  • Fix some other syncing errors

  • Possible fix for some crashes

  • Log some information into Documents/Anki/crash.log when Anki crashes. If you experience any crashes in the future (where Anki closes), please send us that file with information about what you were doing when Anki crashed.

  • Compress backups in the background, which speeds up profile switching & syncing

  • Fix the window not going to fullscreen properly after adding a new profile on Windows

  • Increase default size of deck options window

  • Tell webengine not to cache images to disk

  • Added a hack to preload upcoming images - it will not always work

  • Fix an error when deleting notes

  • Remove the Del key shortcut to delete notes in the review window, as a Qt bug causes it to be triggered from the type in the answer box.

  • Fix an error appearing when the undo shortcut is pressed with nothing to undo

  • Make it easier for add-ons to add new editing icons (thanks to Simone).

Changes in alpha 6

  • Fix audio failing to stop or overlapping

  • Fix opening of add-ons / backup folders on Windows

Changes in alpha 5

  • Built with latest version of the toolkit

  • Rather than completely stripping HTML or including it verbatim, paste and drag&drop now simplify the HTML as it is pasted

  • Pasted images now use a checksum of the file, so pasting the same image twice will not result in multiple files

  • Work around a Qt bug where some shortcut keys like f were triggering menu items instead of entering characters in the type answer box

  • Work around the debug console shortcut not working

  • Misc other fixes (thanks to noobie, Marcio, Christoph)

  • The Linux build now includes a Makefile and can be installed system-wide

  • The Mac build is using a different packager. This should prevent the errors people were getting on startup, but has broken the ability to double click on .apkg files outside of Anki.

Changes in alpha 4

  • tweak fonts

  • fix entered text getting lost if closing window/switching note shortly after text entered

  • fix errors when importing .apkg with media

  • fix unicode errors when playing audio files with non-latin text on osx

  • autodetect pipe in PSV files and make it easier to extend autodetection list

  • fix change note type getting stuck

  • ignore harmless http error messages

  • re-enable add-on downloading

  • fix edit/delete add-on, and open add-on folder on recent linux

  • fix error when clicking on cogs in deck list

  • show more info when libraries fail to load on linux

  • fix square boxes appearing in import dialog on ubuntu 16.04

Changes in alpha 3

  • image support

  • fixes for syncing

  • fix duplicate paste on windows/linux

  • prevent fields from collapsing when all content deleted

  • fix card layout preview on windows/linux

  • fix onHeight errors when moving rapidly through cards in browser

  • basic add-on porting docs in github

  • fix an error in logging

  • fix missing translations

  • fix loading message in type in the answer

  • fix error syncing when running from usb drive

Changes in alpha 2

  • free memory after various dialogs closed, which should improve the memory footprint

  • update the toolkit again on all but the 32 bit linux build, which should fix the mac touchpad crashes and some other issues

  • re-enable syncing, which should work but will not show any progress info during long uploads/downloads

  • update packaging, which may fix intermittent startup problems on linux

  • fix collection export

  • fix type in the answer

  • hide annoying message when typing/pasting in a http link

  • add-ons no longer need a separate top level file (thanks to subfusc)

  • fix scheduling not ensuring next ivl always +1 (thanks to ankitest)

  • pull requests now have automatic tests (thanks to RawToast)

  • hook for showDeckOptions (thanks to ankitest)

  • fix browser scrolling horizontally (thanks to Houssam)

  • fix y axis rendering in graphs (thanks to matthayes)